AutoPatcher XP August 2007 Core Release & Updat Free download

AutoPatcher XP August 2007 Core Release & Updat

  • Publisher:The Autopatcher Team
  • Version:August 2007 Core Release & Updat
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  • License:Freeware
  • File Size:39.1 MB

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AutoPatcher XP August 2007 Core Release & UpdatDescription

AutoPatcher WinXP is a great offline OS updater for Windows XP, and a nifty alternative for the Microsoft Windows Update interface. That’s because, first of all, once you get the installer, you don't need an Internet connection to bring your operating system up to date. It contains all the critical and recommended updates and a wide variety of component updates, Windows add-ons or registry tweaks.
Secondly, you do not have to put up with the complicated Windows Update downloading and installing procedure. You cut down on the time you would have spent rebooting your system after each important update and save disk space and overall functionality by not installing all critical updates, but just the ones you really need.
Although the application is quite large and takes a while to download and then install, the time you spend waiting soon pays up. At a first run, AutoPatcher WinXP quickly inspects your operating system's release integrity and the currently installed updates, in order to suggest a list of updates for your computer. You will find these suggestions already checked in the updates menu.
Once the application launches, you will find the interface to be simplistic and easy to handle even for the inexperienced users. The updates are logically organized in drop-down menus that provide you with access to Critical Updates, Recommended Updates, Updated Components, Addons, Registry Tweaks and Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage.
AutoPatcher WinXP delivers you all the critical updates and updated components you need to improve your operating system's overall performance, such as Malicious Software Removal Tool, .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 or the cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 6, to name a few.
All you have to do is select the ones you are interested in and proceed with the installation. The application assists you by providing detailed information on each of the available updates so you can choose only the ones that matter. Once you make up your mind, AutoPatcher WinXP automatically installs the desired updates and only requires a single system reboot after the selected updates have been installed.
With AutoPatcher WinXP you can install only the updates you are interested in, all at once. Furthermore, if you change your mind and you want to uninstall several of the updates you previously installed with AutoPatcher WinXP, the application allows you to do that due to the built-in auto-backup feature.

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